About Us

by Yum Group


Announcement by Group Chairman:

First and foremost, on behalf of the Yum Group, I would like to acknowledge everyone’s contribution to the success of our restaurant ventures, from the group members, the dedicated employees and to all our valued clientele. As we strive to keep customer satisfaction our primary goal and work towards further expansion of our restaurant brands both nationally and internationally, we are hopeful that we will receive the same customer loyalty with the introduction of our new project as we enter the exciting world of fashion retail. 

I am pleased to announce the launch of ‘DECLARE’ – a fresh and fabulous fashion retail line by the Yum Group. 

Opening the doors of our flagship store this March 2022, ‘DECLARE’ will join the ranks of Gulberg’s finest retail fashion houses, offering a wide variety of unstitched and ready-to-wear apparel, footwear and accessories, all carefully selected to be practical and desirable by one and all. The design aesthetic and brand vision will mirror that of our other successful endeavours in our culinary division, starting with the sophisticated wooden and gold theme in the store interior, while the products imbibe our tradition, honouring our rich culture and creating a tantalizing palette of vibrant flavours and styles. 


Brand Story:

Food connoisseur or otherwise, almost everyone is familiar with YUM Chinese & Thai, English Tea House, Spice Bazaar and Chashni. Establishing a restaurant chain to cater to different palettes and tastes, with Chinese and Thai, desi, Continental and topping it off on a sweet note with Chashni can be considered not less than a master stroke by the group’s visionaries.  

Established in 2010, Yum Chinese & Thai made a splash in Lahore’s restaurant scene with much fanfare.  After enjoying immense success with their first branch in Gulberg, the group decided to expand its portfolio to a different kind of cuisine. In (xxx date), the first branch of the English Tea House was set up in the backyard of Yum, a quaint and comfortable café serving breakfast, bakery items and continental dishes. With the equally important support of every staff member and customer, the group opened the second branch of both restaurants adjacent to one another in Z block, Phase III, DHA.

Hot on the heels of the success of Yum and ETH, the group expanded into another taste territory – this time, the cuisine is an homage to Lahoris’ love of everything rich and spicy. Despite being in a city saturated with local/Desi cuisine, Yum Group managed to find a space in the market and carve a niche for themselves with the introduction of Spice Bazaar in 2015. The founders and brains behind the group are native to Lahore and hold our own traditional cuisine very close to their hearts. They conceptualized a restaurant set-up for a more high-end market while heavily relying on the highest standards of taste and quality. Nestled at the entrance of Spice Bazaar is Chashni, the Sweet House, offering better quality, better taste, better variety, capturing our rich culture and heritage with everyone’s favorite mithai.

Yum Group is currently operating in 22 locations in five major cities of Pakistan. LHR, ISD, RWP, FSD  & MLT. Having already conquered the restaurant industry, they now plan their grand entry into the world of Fashion Retail under the apparent company BSB Textiles (PRIVATE) Limited.



In the true spirit of its Urdu connotation “Ailaan”, using ‘DECLARE’ as a brand identity has been cleverly coined by the group’s Chairman Mr. Imran Maqsood with the concept of making a grand entrance and being declared all over.  

DECLARE by Yum Group was conceived along the same spirit and sensibilities as their restaurant chains – a firm base in local flavor with an expertise in exotic and ethnic tastes. This is reinforced Mr. Imran Maqsood’s belief that everything should be perfect and of the highest quality. The design aesthetic is deeply rooted in our native traditions and cultures which are reflected in the colours, fabrics, embroideries and silhouettes. The design philosophy tastefully incorporates elements from international trends, global cultures and to a degree, pop art. The result is a colourful yet classic, fresh yet funky, traditional yet trendy brand aesthetic.

DECLARE offers innovative designs and high quality products in Apparel and Accessories targeting 25-45 year old females. Apparel will cater to both Eastern and Western styles, designs and silhouettes. The Eastern collection will have both unstitched and ready-to-wear in a variety of options from plain bases to jacquards to compound embroidery designs in ethnic and playful patterns. The R2W Western line presents a delightful selection of T-shirts and fusion tops in comfortable fabrics. Accessories will include everything from jewelry to bags to shoes in a varying designs, colours and styles to cater to every discerning customer. The aim is to provide you with all the elements for your perfect outfit under one roof where you will have the option to play around with complementing and contrasting coordinates to create your own unique personal style and make you “DECLARE YOUR LOOK!” 

The group’s vision to conquer foreign lands with opening their restaurant chain starting with the Middle East then to Canada and the UK, is followed suit with plans to take DECLARE both abroad as well as the digital world with a comprehensive e-commerce site. Just like the success story of Yum, ETH, Spice Bazaar and Chashni, there is no doubt that DECLARE will also skyrocket past the competition with their carefully selected innovative designs and products supported by dedicated staff and visionaries that make the Yum Group a name to reckon with.